Soho by Rob Adam (Theo and Maria Book 1)


Join Theo and Maria : Two of life’s young professionals, oversexed and under appreciated as they strive and stumble their way through life’s ups and downs within their Central London existence. Maria , a feisty, career driven woman and her friend Theo, a gay, sarcastic, warm hearted lover of life, find themselves, on a whirlwind journey of life, love, loss and sexual humour set against the backdrop of a vibrant Soho.

Rob Adam is a writer based in Somerset, writing about life, love and relationships.

So, it has to be said that I have somewhat of a mixed relationship with “Soho” – the area in which Rob Adam has set this book. As a gay teen growing up in the countryside, magazines like “Attitude” and “Gay Times” had me believing that Soho was a mythical Valhalla of Men, overflowing with fun, friendship and sex. As it turned out, that wasn’t quite the case – there was plenty of what I’d hoped for, but also a lot of loneliness, a lot of drug use, and a lot of superficial attitudes. Of course, part of my feelings on it are based in part to my having been a very self-conscious at the time, and now I’m a lot older (and hopefully wiser), I enjoy a good night out in Soho with the rest of them.

What looks to be an excellent gay night out…

Author Rob Adam captures the sense of fun that permeates the area, but also makes no secret of the fact that the characters who populate it are layered, relatable characters who the reader will instantly recognise, and Theo and Maria are so brilliantly written that it’s not just enjoyable to spend time in their company, it’s an absolute pleasure. The journeys they go on through out the book may initially seem relatively light, but Rob Adam does not avoid delving into difficult and troubling situations – really delving deep into the history of these characters, and using it as a means to move these characters forward into new situations. Anyone who has been through a heartbreak or a job loss, or even been fed up of the dating scene, will instantly feel an empathy with the characters, and their strong friendship is a real backbone for the book, and I’m sure something that will continue to serve as a strong thread for the series as it moves forwards.

Author Rob Adam

There’s sex here – good sex too, written about in such a way that make it fun, exciting and sexy, and yet never veers into smuttiness or seediness. The sex scenes aren’t just thrown in – they’re always there to move a plot forward. Yes, they are fairly explicit, but in the context of the book, extremely enjoyable! They’re balanced well with real tenderness, care, and brilliant wit – there are some real laugh out loud lines in this book that will stick with the reader. Brilliant fun – roll on Book Two!

Author Rob Adam dropped into The Page is Printed HQ for a Q&A – check it out here!



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