You Me The Woods by Vincent VI

All Images © 2016 Vincent Six Ltd

When was the last time you managed to get away from everything? Robert and Tristan needed to close a chapter in their relationship. This photography book will take you through their intimate journey in search for answers. You will leave behind the city to immerse yourself in nature and witness the awakening of their passion, and above all, the deep connection they thought they had lost. A special moment in their lives that only you, me and the woods will share.

Vincent Six is a photographer based in London. Originally from Spain, he has dedicated a big part of his professional career to creating images for films in Hollywood, but has set up his own independent publishing label in order to explore a more intimate side – in a book full of passion, love, and nature.

All Images © 2016 Vincent Six Ltd

You Me The Woods is a book full of Vincent VI’s beautiful photography, but chooses not to focus solely on the beautiful images, but instead inserts a written narrative alongside the images, detailing private conversations between the two characters whose interactions VI closely details, and allowing the readers unbridled access into the lives of these two men – allowing a level of closeness and intimacy between the reader and the action of the book that is almost unparalleled.

The writing documents close, flowing conversation between two lovers – the kind of conversation that only comes from years of love and intimacy. The writing takes the reader by the hand and guides them through the photographs – shedding light on pictures that are already filled with an immense amount of storytelling – making this an immersive experience. Whilst it’s only a short read, you’ll want to linger over these images – the models are truly beautiful men, and Vincent VI has created a real sense of connection between the pair of them – making the pictures moving, emotive, and erotic.

All Images © 2016 Vincent Six Ltd

There is some nudity, but it’s beautifully shot – and the reader does not feel like they are watching two men mid photo shoot, but merely being granted glances into the lives of two men during a moment of their relationship – intimate, yes, but also filled with love and affection.

All Images © 2016 Vincent Six Ltd

It’s also worth mentioning that nature is the real third character here – a beautiful forest setting adding to the enchantment of these pictures, and also highlighting the fact this book is part of the One Tree Planted campaign -so for every copy of this book that’s bought, a tree will be planted. I feel like I’ve given you enough reasons to buy this book already – but if not, that’s one more for you!

A beautiful, tender and intimate read, You Me The Woods is a book that creates something more than a normal photography tome – creating a project that portrays a relationship in stunning fashion. Most definitely a book to buy and look at over and over again…


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