Deliciously Wicked by Allister Dean


“Being good is overrated. Wicked on the other hand…simply delicious”

Cutting your friends from your life and treating guys as Ken Dolls may seem like an easy task to achieve…WRONG! It’s harder than you realize. Especially where you live in small city where the gay community consists of only a hundred people. So you’re bound to run into drama.
Recently single, Allister finds himself at a crossroad. Try the dating scene again hoping to find a better guy who won’t take him for granted or dip into the hook-up scene feeding his inner sex god.

Allister Dean.PNG
Author Allister Dean

First a photographer, now a writer – Allister Dean is a Nevada based writer, currently relocating to Oregon in order to write his second novel. “Deliciously Wicked” is his first, and it’s a debut that’s both strong and sparkling – pulling the reader into a world that’s fun, sexy, honest, and relatable.

It may seem rather difficult to believe, but “Bridget Jones Diary” was first published in book form 21 years ago. Whilst it sparked a revolution in how it recorded women’s lives, no-one has, to my knowledge, been able to emulate that style well in writing about men – certain changes have to be made, and especially when writing about a Man in this day and age, when diaries are less of a thing, but so many elements of our day to day lives are recorded in emails, texts, blogs, tweets, Instagram posts, dating site profiles, etc…


Allister Dean has collated all of those differing elements, and combined them into one book – making it a read that feels fresh and exciting, allowing the reader snippets that give them detailed glimpses into the lead characters life, and yet allow for the book to maintain a strong sense of pace – it excels at being a light read, yet it’s rather astonishing quite how much information you can gleam from just a few pages of text exchanges, snatched conversations, sexual encounters and messages to ex boyfriends.

kissing men
“Deliciously Wicked” celebrates sex  – but also never shies away from some of the less than sexy realities of hooking up, as well as embracing the hot parts!

It’s quite often that I read books wanting to have on the characters as a friend – but it’s rare to read one where it feels like the lead character is a friend from the off – regaling you with sexy stories, sassy asides and bitchy comments that make for hilarious reading. You shouldn’t just write this tale of as a shallow look at gay life though – it’s packed full of interesting insights and frank acknowledgements. Brilliant asides are peppered with chapters of story that move several different plots along, keeping the book moving at a rapid pace, but nevertheless, allowing the reader to get to know other characters who enter Allister’s life, and making this a far deeper read than it may initially appear.

Fun, funny and filled with clever writing, catty characters and sexy situations, “Deliciously Wicked” is far more than the sum of its parts – a great read with a big glass of wine and a big bar of chocolate ( or one of the delicious meals that you’ll find the recipes for within the pages of this book…)


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