The Club by Cornelius Moore


The Club cover

The Club for Westchester Men is exclusive-only for the most elite. Employees are hired for their discretion and their contacts. Whether it be drugs or women, the employees should be able to satisfy members. But one member has a more unusual request.

Club-goer Edwyn asks employee Jabari Douglas Jr. to break into another member’s house for him. Brett has become exceedingly wealthy from his father-in-law’s death. There could be millions of dollars hidden away in his house.

While her husband is planning to rob Brett, Edwyn’s wife, Katherine, is going to a club of her own. While it may have some of the same members, this club is much seedier: a ring of high-class call girls. In order to exact revenge on a man who has wronged her, Katherine has gone undercover. Now, as the robbery grows closer and Katherine’s secret life get more and more dangerous, both husband and wife find themselves in over their heads.

Author Cornelius Moore
Author Cornelius Moore

Author Cornelius Moore was born and raised in the Bronx. Married to a Southern Italian with one daughter and one cat, writing is his true passion – and this is his first novel.

It’s a fun, no holds barred romp of a ride, with cleverly drawn characters who swiftly grab the readers attention – entertaining with their intriguing plans and lack of morals. Edwyn and Katherine are layered, and cleverly drawn. There’s a fine line to be trod with characters like these, as the actions some take in the book could make them hugely unlikeable to the reader, but Moore imbues them with enough life to keep the reader constantly entertained by their actions, if not always on their side!The action

The action too, is very well described. Fast paced and constantly moving, Moore sucks the reader into an exotic, luxurious and dangerous world, packed full of sex and intrigue, and writes his tale with considerable skill considering this is a debut novel. Whilst some style choices felt a little clunky to me, Moore excels at managing to describe situations with elaborate, carefully considered language, yet all the while manages to keep the plot moving at a frenetic pace. It works well, and as such I’d definitely recommend it – although I’d advise that you take a lot of care (and probably a gun) before you choose to enter “The Club”…




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